University Hookups: Unplanned Pregnancy in University

University Hookups: Unplanned Pregnancy in University

“My period is late!” That unexpected understanding can strike terror to the heart of any young girl, specially one that is in university and had no motives of beginning a family group any time soon. Unplanned maternity takes place a lot more than you might think. Fifty-one per cent of most pregnancies in america are unplanned, therefore the greatest quantity of unplanned pregnancies occurred among females involving the many years of 20 and 24, based on the Guttmacher Institute.

University students within the U.S. have actually many different choices offered to them into the avoidance of unwelcome maternity.

Method The Facts? Where can you can get it? Pros Cons
Birth Control drugs

Perhaps one of the most typical types of contraceptive, the “pill” is just a hormone medicine that prevents ovulation and regulates the period.

A family planning clinic, or student health clinic by prescription only, through your physician.

Very easy to take and proven helpful, the tablet is really a convenient solution to prevent maternity if utilized as directed.

Will not avoid STDs or STIs; some ladies might forget to go on it every single day; could potentially cause cycle that is menstrual for a few ladies.

Intrauterine Unit (IUD)

Obtainable in either hormone or non-hormonal types, this will be a genital insert that protects against ovulation for a time period of 3 to a decade, dependant on brand name.

The IUD must certanly be placed with a medical expert; its an outpatient procedure. Weiterlesen ›

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