Eve and Lilith

Artikelnummer: ISBN 978-3-96300-030-0
Englischer Abendtheatertext | Uraufführung 2000, Surrey (Kanada) | Besetzung: Zwei Spielerinnen | ca. 75 Minuten
ISBN 978-3-96300-030-0
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A married woman, Eve-Maria Shackle, is visiting Lillian Moonback – the lover of her husband. Intensive dialogues and heavy quarrels show the women’s struggle for the husband’s love. In a dreamlike scene both women meet again on a mythological level: Eve is the second wife of Adam and a faithfully serving woman – the first mother. Lilith is Adam’s first wife – an objector against all stable and loyal relationships. Back in reality they switch their roles and by doing so they are taking a step towards understanding each other.

Veröffentlicht in Abendtheaterstücke, Fremdsprachige Theatertexte, Theatertexte