Oh Hansel, oh Hansel

Artikelnummer: ISBN 978-3-96300-026-3
Englischer Präventionstheatertext | Uraufführung 2007, Cork (Irland) | Besetzung: Zwei Spieler, eine Spielerin | ca. 50 Minuten
ISBN 978-3-96300-026-3
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In cooperation with the „Hänsel und Gretel Stiftung, Karlsruhe“, Johannes Galli has directed this prevention theater play following the topic of abuse. In 2007 and 2008 this play has been performed at more than 100 schools, sponsored by various organizations dealing with this topic.

Hansel and Gretel are on their own since their mother has no time for them. They meet Winny Wiz, who offers them to fulfill all their wishes. They cannot withstand this temptation and get drawn into the false promises of the stranger. Only helping friends can save them from danger.

Veröffentlicht in Fremdsprachige Theatertexte, Präventionstheater, Theatertexte