School of Love

Artikelnummer: ISBN 978-3-945628-77-5
Englischer Abendtheatertext | Uraufführung 2012, Freiburg | Besetzung: Vier Spielerinnen, drei Spieler | ca. 70 Minuten
ISBN 978-3-945628-77-5
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Dark cosmic forces have taken control over the Master of the Universe. They try to manipulate cosmic occurrences for their own purposes:
Master of War – determined to bring destruction. Lady Porn – accompanied by dark eroticism. Lord of Drugs – equipped with hard drugs.
New York City is the only place on earth where a little school has been established studying and teaching love. This school is a threat to those dark forces since love can grow fast. The dark forces plan on travelling to earth and destroying this school. During an exercise of the students the dark forces invade and start to seduce them with violence, sex, and drugs. In the end it is up to the audience to decide the battle between Master of the Universe and Lord of Drugs: Who will be the winner? Real life or the power of illusions?

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Veröffentlicht in Abendtheaterstücke, Theatertexte