The Golden Key

Artikelnummer: ISBN 978-3-96300-035-5
Englischer Präventionstheatertext | Uraufführung 2001, Toronto (Kanada)) | Besetzung: Zwei Spieler, zwei Spielerinnen | ca. 60 Minuten
ISBN 978-3-96300-035-5
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An orator is giving a speech on the subject of addiction and how one can prevent from becoming addicted. Unfortunately, the orator himself gets drawn into the vicious circle of his own addiction – causing the total loss of control in his life. The more he starts denying his obsessions the stronger they get. The orator is desperately struggling against three of his inner figures in order to develop an awareness of the situation because this is the only way to overcome his addiction.

This play reveals to the audience those inner parts of our personality that are responsible for our small but dangerous addictions. These inner parts we have met only unconsciously in our daily life until now.

„The Golden Key“ shows to the audience possible causes of addictive behavior – but also the way out of addiction.

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